Quickbase, Excel And API

Excel is a very easily accessible tool available in every corporate provided PC. And Quickbase is a cloud based process managing and data storage tool. And what if we could connect these too. The cost incurred on license for Quickbase is quite a bit. What if we could just localize most of the actions done on Quickbase. What are those actions do you ask? Reports, add data and modify data. When we remove these actions out of quickbase, we can reduce the license cost.

How its done?

Simple, Macro enabled Excel which could call API calls would do.

How can I enable API calls in Macro? (Stackoverflow to the resque)

Checkout the below link, just blindly follow the below link,


Once you are setup, Modify the headers to add the Realm Hostname, Authorization and Content type as headers.

And then send the body part as defined in Quickbase, Check out the Quickbase API page.

Thats all folks. Any questions let me know.